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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The B-List of GOP Losers

Now that I'm able to spend some time with the day's news, it's nice to see just how many names from the "defeated" column I recognize from across the nation-- and how happy I am to see them there. Not least is Missouri's Jim Talent, whose race was in the "too close to call" category until the very end-- although the state has been pretty evenly divided for the last six years, it's wound up being overrun by small-scale versions of the feckless idiots who've come to define the Bush administration.

If you're looking to gloat a bit and say farewell to some legislators who won't be missed, you could do a lot worse than this article. There are some bittersweet moments, especially since the endangered species known as republicanus moderatus was hunted even closer to extinction, but you really should take a moment to savor the post mortem on Santorum's fellow losers-- less famous, but just as richly deserving of defeat-- like Chris Chocola, Richard Pombo, and JD Hayworth.