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Monday, August 07, 2006

Bob Ney drops out of Ohio Senate race.

Facing serious trouble over his history of corruption and ties to Jack Abramoff, Ney made like 'Duke' Cunningham and played the victim card in announcing his withdrawal.

"I'm embattled and attacked; I understand that," Ney told The AP last month after [Democratic opponent Zach] Space raised about $190,000 more than Ney for the quarter.

Ney, 52, told the Tribune-Review that his family had not asked him to drop out, but he wanted to spare them anyway.

"I'm doing this for one reason: my family. My wife and two children have been through enough," he said.

Ney's successor in the race is state senator Joy Padgett, who has strong connections to Ney and embattled Ohio governor Bob Taft, special interests like big oil, pharmaceuticals and tobacco, and running campaigns using the now-standard tactic of comparing opponenets to terrorists. The link at the top is to a story chronicling her checkered past.