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Friday, August 04, 2006

The Connecticut primary this week

I haven't been writing anything about the Lieberman-Lamont primary struggle lately because all the other blogs are writing so much about it. And it's all pretty irrelevant until the results are in next week.

Even the events surrounding the race that seem to be major developments ain't necessarily so. A new Quinnipiac poll has Lamont with a ten-point lead, but what I've read from people on the ground suggests that it's still a very tight race.

The most amusing stories have been the tactics of the "Lieberyouth," supporters who appear to be getting very aggressive and mighty rude at recent campaign stops. There were reports of Lieberman's campaign trying to recruit a large number of youngsters to knock on doors for him, but that the campaign turned away quite a few and eventually decided to ditch the plan. More on that in a minute.

Also in the works was a massive get out the vote campaign prior to the primary election, but that has reportedly been abandoned in favor of ad buys, with many bloggers speculating that Joe has decided to save the heavy artillery for an independent run.

The funniest story was the "ambush" of Ned Lamont at a Connecticut greasy spoon, where a number of patrons seated in the small eatery took off outer shirts to reveal pro-Lieberman T's when Lamont entered. One middle-aged man in particular garnered attention for heckling Lamont-- and was later revealed to be Washington lobbyist!

UPDATE: My post was pretty half-assed, mainly because I'm waiting for the actual primary vote rather than getting too worked up about what-- in spite of the national attention-- is still a state primary and a race that I think the blogosphere is getting a bit too worked up about in the whole scheme of things. At this point, major bloggers stand to lose as much as Lieberman in terms of ridicule from the pundit class. But Crooks and Liars has also compiled a list of the latest developments, so if you want some more news, check it out.