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Thursday, August 03, 2006

House Majority Whip vows GOP will do nothing about global warming

Ahhh, Roy Blunt. Tom DeLay's bagman in the House of Representatives, and (according to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) one of the most corrupt members of Congress. He recites White House talking points with the best of 'em, and now he's tackling-- or more accurately refusing to tackle-- global warming.

Along with issues like stem cell research, abortion rights, not privatizing Social Security, and a minimum wage increase, the public is solidly behind taking action to prevent climate change-- undoubtedly due in part to the fact that it involves cutting down on our use of fossil fuels and therefore working toward energy independence.

The Republican party is officially against all of these things, and Blunt made it clear yesterday that a win for his party in November means that they'll continue to champion policies that nobody wants:

Continued Republican House and Senate majorities would likely mean more of the same on climate. House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) said he would oppose global warming mandates if Republicans control the 110th Congress. “I think the information is not adequate yet for us to do anything meaningful,” he said.