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Friday, August 04, 2006

Blair delays vacation. Guess who doesn't?

Bush broke the record for most vacation days by a two-term president a while ago, with years to spare. Surely Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Lebanon are worth losing a little padding on the new record. Or maybe it's another example of bold decision-making and committment from a man determined to cement his legacy.

Blair, on the other hand, does exactly what you'd expect of a prominent world leader-- his damn job.

After speaking repeatedly this week about an “elemental struggle” with radical Islam in an “arc of extremism,” Prime Minister Tony Blair delayed a Caribbean vacation today saying the coming days would be crucial in the diplomatic effort to secure a cease-fire in Lebanon.

Despite a welter of fresh reports of expanded Israeli bombing raids and renewed Hexbollah rocket attacks, Mr. Blair’s spokesman said he “believes the next couple of days are crucial and will be continuing his intensive diplomacy with world leaders from Downing Street.”

“The prime minister has delayed leaving for his holiday so that he can do further work trying to achieve a U.N. resolution and wider efforts to achieve sustained peace in the region,” the spokesman said, speaking on condition of anonymity under British government rules.