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Thursday, May 25, 2006

What's the deal with McCain and the Wylys?

On May 18, I linked to a piece from The New Republic that pointed out McCain's apparent reconciliation with Texas' Wyly brothers, who mounted an attack on McCain's environmental stance back in 2000. As of the time of writing, they were scheduled to co-host a fundraiser for McCain, and had given him some $20,000 in campaign donations.

But McCain apparently gave back all their donations and asked them not to attend the fundraiser out of ethics concerns-- the Wylys have been under investigation from the SEC for tax evasion for more than a year.

Makes sense so far, right? In the latest TNR post on the story, it starts to get a little puzzling. A full week after McCain's campaign returned the donations and asked that the Wylys stay away from the fundraiser, the brothers were talking as though they were all still best pals. And the McCain campaign hadn't gone public about returning the cash.

Strange, but I'm thinking it might be as simple as McCain keeping quiet until after the fundraiser to maximize donations. Whatever the explanation, it certainly doesn't involve any 'straight talk.'