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Friday, March 03, 2006

Stealth Christians spotted in Missouri

The original story was brief, but includes a few interesting points that Atrios clips from his version. Unfortunately, the original story went from accessible to subsc. required, and I don't feel like signing up.

Missouri legislators in Jefferson City considered a bill that would name Christianity the state's official "majority" religion.

House Concurrent Resolution 13 has is pending in the state legislature. (. . .).

The resolution would recognize "a Christian god," and it would not protect minority religions, but "protect the majority's right to express their religious beliefs.

The resolution also recognizes that, "a greater power exists," and only Christianity receives what the resolution calls, "justified recognition."

What is left out are the facts that A) virtually no legislators had heard of this before it showed up on the floor, and B) well, I've forgotten what the second thing was. It's been a few hours since I read it. I prefer to think of it as a good thing that fundamentalists' attempts to promote theocracy are getting more secretive again. Along with the news that Pat Roberts has lost his spot on the board of Christian broadcasters and Utah did away with a creationism bill, it hopefully shows that religious reactionaries realize that their influence is on the wane. On the other hand, you've got two states trying to pass sweeping anti-abortion laws. All the more reason to gear up for a big fight in November.

UPDATE: Got it. 'B' was the rationale for the measure-- to 'protect the rights of the majority religion.' The idea being that white Christians are oppressed in this country. Which is insane.