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Thursday, March 02, 2006

GOP Rep. King: "No investigation whatsoever" into port security

I kept running across mention of the New York Representative Peter King's alarming proclamation, but I couldn't seem to find a link to the story itself. Media Matters explains why:

Most major print and broadcast media outlets offered no coverage of House Homeland Security Committee chairman Peter King's (R-NY) March 1 claim that there was "no investigation into terrorism whatsoever" during the Bush administration's initial review of the proposed deal that would allow Dubai Ports World (DPW) -- a company owned by the government of Dubai, a United Arab Emirates member state -- to assume control of terminal operations at six major U.S. ports.

I'd also like to point out that Peter Beinart, The New Republic's departing editor, has used the whole ports sale story to show his ongoing willingness to buck conventional wisdom* and explain why the sale is a great idea-- because the UAE just bought a lot of airplanes. In lockstep with Rush Limbaugh, remarkably enough, Beinart brushes aside security concerns as xenophobia and racism and concentrates on what a great trading partner we have in a government known for its links to illegal arms dealers, slave traders, vicious penal system and radical Muslim terrorists. Nice swan song, Pete. You douche. I wonder if this staunch defender of the invasion of Iraq was also cheering when Rummy and the Bushes were cutting deals with Saddam....

*By "buck conventional wisdom," I mean fish for status as a highly-paid political shill and increased book sales. Considering that his tenure at TNR witnessed a 40% drop in circulation, gunning for a position as a self-proclaimed liberal known only for berating his own party will probably mean higher status and pay.

UPDATE (3/3): Joe Conason has an excellent column in the New York Observer that further demonstrates the hypocrisy and ignorance behind the argument that the Dubai ports sale is all about the importance of free trade. Consider that the UAE is an oligarchy in which foreigners aren't permitted to hold controlling interest in anything-- much less run a port-- and Dubai Ports World is a state-run company. These two facts are anathema to the GOP, and run against their own concept of free trade. Way to go, Joe.