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Saturday, February 11, 2006

AP's attacks on Reid continue-- still without evidence

The AP has released another article filled with suggestions that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's office was contacted by a partner of Jack Abramoff over the issue of minimum wage in the US-protectorate Marianas Islands. (Briefly put, Abramoff, DeLay and others were fighting against workers' rights and a living wage because American companies can still have 'Made in the USA' labels put on goods produced in sweat shops there.)

Reid supported increasing the minimum wage there and the legislation that Abramoff's cronies were lobbying against. Ergo, no quid pro quo. And no story. They might have tried to buy Reid's support, but they didn't get it. Nevertheless, the AP articles don't make any mention of that fact, in favor of referring to 'ties' between Abramoff and Reid.

Meanwhile, three more Republican legislators are under investigation for actually doing Abramoff's bidding. Which qualifies as news.