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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A fair and unhinged look at the media

Salon has a couple of funny-yet-disturbing video clips up today. Both are sadly indicative of the sort of complete shit that takes the place of journalism when you're out to sell the public on a pet idea or two.

Clip One
: We're warned of the dangers that can affect a small town when liberals are in charge. Terrible, nightmarish dangers along the lines of, uhhh..... possible shifts in shopping habits and the de-thumbing of a statue.

Clip Two: Bill O'Reilly invites the faithful to have a sit-down. But be warned-- his forensic skills are such that he might be forced to lie or cut you off if you disagree! Ooooohhh, this could very well reshape journalism as we know it. Especially according to the O'Reilly toadie du jour.

Clip Three
: Actress Felicity Huffman suggests that suggesting that she might not be worthy of a "World's Greatest Mom" coffee mug might not be a capital offense. Somebody get Britney Spears on the phone.

Help. Please.