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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gore responds to McClellan/Gonzales attacks

What I wouldn't give for this man to be our president right now. But the ineptitude of his handlers is history now, and the fight is ours.

"The Administration's response to my speech illustrates perfectly the need for a special counsel to review the legality of the NSA wiretapping program.

The Attorney General is making a political defense of the President without even addressing the substantive legal questions that have so troubled millions of Americans in both political parties.

There are two problems with the Attorney General's effort to focus attention on the past instead of the present Administration's behavior. First, as others have thoroughly documented, his charges are factually wrong. Both before and after the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was amended in 1995, the Clinton/Gore Administration complied fully and completely with the terms of the law.

Second, the Attorney General's attempt to cite a previous administration's activity as precedent for theirs - even though factually wrong - ironically demonstrates another reason why we must be so vigilant about their brazen disregard for the law. If unchecked, their behavior would serve as a precedent to encourage future presidents to claim these same powers, which many legal experts in both parties believe are clearly illegal.

The issue, simply put, is that for more than four years, the executive branch has been wiretapping many thousands of American citizens without warrants in direct contradiction of American law. It is clearly wrong and disrespectful to the American people to allow a close political associate of the president to be in charge of reviewing serious charges against him.

The country needs a full and independent investigation into the facts and legality of the present Administration's program."

Perfect. He cites the very facts that the liberal blogs have pointed out and demonstrates his committment to the cause. Gore has been a favorite of mine since I was in jr. high, and I'll have to see if I can find an e-mail address for him to send a thank-you letter. Or what if he actually decides to run in 2008? Hmmm..... John Kerry, as I've pointed out before, is taking action like a man who wants to cover his ass. He obviously craves the presidency, and isn't willing to put his future on the line to act like a leader. Gore, on the other hand, is now using his name to make bold statements that are anything but politically calculated. And I'm more enamored of the guy than ever.