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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Week in Sandwiches

While the tasty reuben continues to be the official sandwich of The Daily Sandwich (vegetarian readers might enjoy the delicious finalist, eggplant parmesan), and this article sort of annoys me for being about the pbj, which ranks well below peanut butter and cheese and peanut butter and bacon (which I've never even had) in the Sandwichtron Index, it is a sandwich in the news. So with no further grousing:

It is only open four hours a day and sells peanut butter sandwiches for approximately $5 a piece, but things are just creamy for P.B. Loco.

The closet-sized store in the Dinkydome is one of two P.B. Locos in the Twin Cities and will soon be franchising its name and product nationwide, owners said.

Go ahead and read the rest if you really give a damn. And who ever described a positive situation as 'just creamy'? Bah!