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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You got your religion in my politics!

...and unlike peanut butter and chocolate, this isn't so delicious. OD1 directed me to yet another story from Ohio involving some highly suspect political maneuvering that directly implicates the GOP. And while I'm at it, I should mention that Ohio Representative Bob Ney "temporarily" stepped down from his post as Chairman of the House Administration Committee while he deals with charges of corruption. Sorta like Tom DeLay temporarily stepped down. And if you've seen Ney, you know he fits my Snap-On Hair Theorem of Republican corruption.

More than 30 local pastors last night officially accused two evangelical megachurches of illegal political activities.

In a rare and potentially explosive action, the moderate ministers signed a complaint asking the Internal Revenue Service to investigate World Harvest Church of Columbus and Fairfield Christian Church of Lancaster and determine if their tax-exempt status should be revoked.

The grievance claims that the Rev. Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church and the Rev. Russell Johnson of Fairfield Christian Church improperly used their churches and affiliated entities — the Center for Moral Clarity, Ohio Restoration Project and Reformation Ohio — for partisan politics, including supporting the Republican gubernatorial candidacy of Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell.

Rod Parsley, by the way, is the sort of evangelical who aspires to be a political fixer of, uhhh, Biblical proportions. Let's hope this investigation goes somewhere before the unified front of power-mad Republicans and power-mad fundamentalists puts out country permanently in the tank. Toilet tank, that is, although it'd be nice to keep our youth out of the armor-plated kind, too....