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Monday, December 12, 2005

A Very Stilted Christmas

Watch if you dare. The White House's most recent holiday-- excuse me, Christmas-themed video highlighting the carefully-edited shenanigans of Bush's pups Barney Miss Beazley is a real treat. It's filled with focus-group approved joviality that wouldn't offend a single member of the Christian Coalition, and even features cameos by ersatz journalists whoring themselves out for the administration that hates them. Complete with shit-eating grins!

Ahhhh, the holiday season. Sorry. Christmas season. It's a time when even evil shills like White House Chief of Staff Andy Card seem like great big, huggable Santas.

Regrettably, unlike last year's Barney video, we won't be seeing the First Dog converse with Karl Rove, Scott McClellan, or Ari Fleischer. They're ostensibly too evil for an appearance in this holiday-- dammit, there I go again-- Christmas tribute to America's favorite armadillo-chaser.

I got through about three and a half minutes before the Prozac-induced merriment and dizzying waste of taxpayer dollars got the better of me. How long can you last?