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Friday, December 09, 2005

Say it with me now! CORRUPTION!

The link to Ipsos doesn't seem to be working, so I'm linking to the MyDD post about it. I think that "culture of corruption" is a lame catchphrase. Too wonky. Punch it up a little bit, Democrats. How about words like rotten or phony? Maybe something menacing like "web of corruption" would work.

This poll shows that the issue of political corruption is resonating with the public, and without a doubt, it's fueled by the common wisdom that corruption is endemic in politics anyway. But the trouble in the GOP isn't just garden-variety gladhanding-- and the public is taking notice.

Take a look:

How serious a problem is political corruption in the United States today? Would you say

Very serious -- 51
Somewhat serious -- 37
Not too serious -- 8
Not at all serious -- 3
Not sure -- 1

The problem is that the Dems don't seem to be benefiting yet:

In general, which elected officials would you say are more ETHICAL?

Democrats -- 36
Republicans -- 33
Both equally -- 10
Neither is ethical -- 15
Not sure -- 6

The Dems need to start saying it loud, and saying it often. Give people the list-- "a top White House advisor, four Congressmen, and Republican lobbyists." "From the special interest lobbies to the White House." The Democrats can use this, and they should. It isn't just playing politics-- it's a genuine problem that we have to fix.

The MyDD poster has another excellent suggestion-- the Dems should start sponsoring legislation to clean up Washington. The GOP will shoot it down, and the Dems have fuel for the campaign trail.