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Monday, November 01, 2004

Barneycam. No, really. BARNEYCAM!

Have you been grinding your teeth with anxiety over the upcoming election? Is your jaw feeling a bit stiff and sore? Well give it a rest, folks. Just watch "Barney Reloaded," and let it sit there hanging in space for a few minutes. Oh, and wear safety goggles, in case your eyeballs actually fall out of your head.

You have to hand it to them for coming up with that hip Matrix reference. Yes, there are a group of people dedicated to putting a sunny face on the soulless trolls in the administration by making movies "directed by Barney." THRILL as Karl Rove, Scott McClellan, and Andy Card talk to a dog! SWOON as the prez and the missus.... talk to a dog! DELIGHT in endless scenes of Barney pushing a ball around! There's even a special cameo by veteran actor Ari Fleischer!

Thanks to the fine people at for cluing me in to this one.