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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Muhammad Ali: Terrorist

It's rare that I link to a right-wing article, but this is a real jaw-dropper. With all that's gone on during this administration-- a war on two fronts, the nightmarish hurricane season, poverty on the rise, GOP corruption from top to bottom, and the biggest national deficit in history-- what is this rightie worried about? A symbolic gesture.

What strikes me as the hilarious irony in this whole absurd screed is the author's insistence that Ali is un-American, un-patriotic, racist, and "opposed to the nation's principles."

One thing Ali has always been is a man of principle. I might not agree with some of his positions, but his convictions should make him a poster boy for the Republican party. With such luminaries as DeLay, Frist, Taft, Ney, Cunningham, Santorum, et al., they could certainly use some remedial ethics courses.

Leave it to the right to get all lathered up over an aging athlete in failing health while turning a blind eye to the theft of billions from American taxpayers. But no, apparently "the nadir of Bush's presidency" is his willingness to give a legendary athlete a medal.