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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Joe Lieberman's Bizarroworld dispatch

It's been a while since I've heard any reports of Lieberman undermining his own party in a right-wing venue, but now he's gone and hit one out of the park.

Dopey Joe has not only penned an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal's page-- the most openly partisan and factually challenged in the nation-- but it's all about how Americans need to be supporting the war?!? I'm starting to wonder if it really is just an obsession with civility and bipartisanship, or if he's taken a nasty bump on the noggin.

From the post: [Lieberman] doesn't even bother with any token criticisms of the Bush administration or policy suggestions beyond blind support for the incumbent. And at the end of the piece he not-so-subtly suggests that to disagree with the Bush-Lieberman Iraq policy -- or at a minimum to express one's disagreement with it -- is unpatriotic and wrong because it hurts the Marines' feelings.

An interview with Time's Baghdad bureau chief on Morning Sedition today doesn't do much to inspire confidence in Joe's hawkishness.

I and some other journalists had lunch with Senator Joe Lieberman the other day and we listened to him talking about Iraq. Either Senator Lieberman is so divorced from reality that he's completely lost the plot or he knows he's spinning a line. Because one of my colleagues turned to me in the middle of this lunch and said he's not talking about any country I've ever been to and yet he was talking about Iraq, the very country where we were sitting.