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Monday, November 28, 2005

White House to try Plan F

Plans A through E haven't worked so well, what with Bush being the least popular president in modern history. The war is a bust, Social Security was a dud, energy costs are on the rise, hurricane relief efforts were bungled, the family values thing isn't really selling these days. Whad'ya do!?! Change the topic to shore up the base and find a new way to scare the public into supporting you again.

The secret word is: Immigration.

A senior administration official said that the president, in a speech on immigration, will focus on three areas: border security, enforcement and a temporary worker program.

The official said the president will talk about "additional resources and the use of technology to secure the border," and will discuss it in terms of national security and the economy.

Bush also is expected to raise the issue of interior enforcement. The administration official said that includes "interior repatriation," or returning illegal immigrants from Mexico to the interior of the country instead of on the other side of the border.

There's nothing wrong with rounding up illegal workers, but border security? Weren't they supposed to be working on that already? As in for the last four years?