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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bush hearts Lieberman. Does anyone else?

One unsurprising moment in Bush's speech was his mention of Lieberman being "right" in his assessment that the war is going very well and we should all support Bush's policy. It's just another repeat of Lieberman's tactics of the last five years. Stop by a right-wing venue, say something at odds with your own party, sit back and listen as rightie pundits use your name as a club to bash Democrats. This time he just aimed a little higher than usual.

Who else thinks Lieberman is right? Not the journalists in Baghdad who met with him recently. And definitely not eccentric radio guy Don Imus. Crooks and Liars has a long video in which Imus interviews Lieberman and gives him a serious beatdown. Like at the top.

The Imus quotes they sample? How about these doozies:

"You're the only person I talked to who thinks things are going well there..."

"Somebody's got something on you, this is crazy."