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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bush's strategy for victory: win.

That's pretty much it. With his bold new initiative to sell the war that began a couple of years ago, Bush has rolled out the latest plan for getting things under control. Only it sounded like every speech on the war we've been forced to endure since things got out of control (also a couple of years ago).

It was peppered with all the old favorites-- 9/11, fighting over there so we aren't fighting here, our soldiers deserve better (if by better you mean continuing to be targets of an increasingly angry populace). And 'turning a corner.' Haven't heard that one in a while.

There was some new stuff, as well. Not in the way of policy, but we got to add a few buzzwords to the political discourse. 'Rejectionists,' that was a good one. The dirty-sounding 'Saddamists.'

Also present was plenty of talk about the Iraqi forces taking matters in their own hands. Which they're able to do thanks to the administration helpfully lowering expectations. Sure, there's only one fully-trained battalion of Iraqis, but they don't all need to be fully trained! That's just silly!

There were even a few lies, naturally. Bush seems to have given a couple of instances where Iraqis are in control of their own country which directly contradict reports from the ground there. One town mentioned by name is apparently in the Kurdish region, which is the one spot where things didn't go to hell to begin with.

So if you were actually hoping to hear some details of the "Strategy for Victory," you were probably disappointed to simply hear the words strategy, for, and victory repeated over and over.