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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Return to normalcy-- of crappy reporting.

I wrote not too long ago about Joe "Mushmouth" Lieberman's (most recent example of) willingness to let the Democratic party look like Casper Milquetoasts in the face of the merciless and unprincipled GOP attack machine. Specifically, I wrote about his hear-no-evil appearance on the News Hour along with a GOP senator who accused Dems of the usual partisan obstructionism for not supporting a Republican-dominated panel that would only meet behind closed doors.

Media Matters points out that the press has swallowed yet another Republican talking point hook, line, and steaming turd.

In recent reporting on Democratic opposition to the Republican-proposed House-Senate investigation into failures in the government's response to Hurricane Katrina, several media outlets have misleadingly described the proposed committee as "bipartisan." In fact, one of the main reasons given by the Democratic leadership for opposing the Republicans' proposal is that it would not be a true bipartisan panel: Republicans would hold a majority on the committee and would have sole subpoena power.On September 8, congressional Republicans announced a plan to form an investigative commission into the government's response to the recent catastrophe.

The Republican party is opposing an independent investigation into the government's inept response to Katrina in the same way that they opposed a 9/11 commission. And the nation is all the less safe for it. We've spent billions on "homeland security" after 9/11, but the country is none the safer. How could anyone oppose efforts to locate and fix the problem? Easy! All it takes is Bush Republicans. And I'm going to use that phrase as often as I can in the future-- history should acknowledge these darkest days of American history.

By the way, I'd suggest that anyone out there with the means make like me and donate some cash to Media Matters. They're performing an invaluable service, and they're getting results. As many reactionary bloggers like to say, 'nuff said.