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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lieberman fumbles again. AGAIN!

Man, I'm tired of this guy's willingness to let his own party be trashed. He appeared with GOP Senator Susan Collins on the NewsHour tonight doing his usual "let's be bipartisan" schtick in investigating the government failure in the wake of Katrina (which Laura Bush today referred to twice as 'Corina,' by the way). The thing is, this is the GOP's plan, which will be packed with Republicans. Who are a pretty partisan bunch these days, what with their refusal to vote against the lynching apology and votes against hurricane relief.

Collins went on to specifically assault Democrats as partisan obstructionists who are trying to sink any investigation for political gain. In fact, Democratic leaders are supporting an independent commission-- no partisanship on either side, and let the chips fall where they may.

What did Lieberman have to say in response? Nothing. Not a peep. Even though his new best friend had just accused his whole party of trying to obstruct justice. As I've said many times, I don't have any personal animosity toward Lieberman as a Democrat. But as a media figure, he's a disaster. He knows her claims were bogus, but he decided that 'taking the high road' was the way to go, like the bullied kid who quietly lets his milk money be snatched every day because he figures the playground thugs will eventually lose interest in free money. Joe! Please! Listen to me! A 'commission' hand-picked by Tom DeLay isn't going to be non-partisan! (Five more indictments were made against DeLay's PAC buddies today, by the way.)

As an added embarrassment, Lehrer actually had to ask Collins what 'bicameral' met. I'm sure it was jut a brain skid, but man that looked pathetic.