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Friday, September 16, 2005

Clinton: Enough with the tax cuts

Whatever you think of Bill Clinton, you have to admit that he's a gifted orator. And he's fantastic in his appearance on 'Today' spelling out why the GOP's tax cuts are consigning the nation to a fiscal disaster. (You can see the 3-meg video through the link above.) I couldn't find a transcript, so I did this myself. And it's pretty damn accurate.

Interviewer: Real quickly, if you will, with the pricetags we're seeing from Iraq, 200 billion dollars; the rebuilding of the Gulf states, an estimated 200 billion dollars; gas prices so high, huge deficit-- what sacrifi-- if you were president today, what sacrifices would you ask the American people to make to pay those bills?

Clinton: I myself have gotten four tax cuts, while young Americans have gone off to risk their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, while we've had this massive natural disaster. We've run up this huge deficit, and we turn arou-- how are we getting, how are we covering this money? We are borrowing the money from China, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, to pay for the suffering of our people in the Gulf area, in the Iraq War, and to cover my tax cut. And we're expecting our children to pay the bills. We've made a decision to lower the living standards of our children and grandchildren, and to soak other people around the world, who don't have the money we do, by and large, to cover our self-indulgence. And I think it's crazy. So the first thing I'd do is say we cannot afford to keep giving people in the very high income groups these massive tax cuts, when we've got men and women in the field in Iraq and Afghanistan and a massive rebuilding effort largely concentrated on lower income people in the Gulf Coast area.

Succinct, sensible, and straight off the top of his head. Considering that ol' Dummie there in the White House can't even form a sentence without a transmitter, script, and guaranteed applause, it's enough to make ya cry.