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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Last I heard, Pat Robertson was still on the air

In a disturbing indication of the paranoia gripping the nation (or am I just being paranoid?), UWGB has decided that art is murder. Or at least encourages murder among 'cheeseheads.

A decision to pull a piece of art from a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay exhibit has spurred activism on the part of students and discussion about First Amendment issues across the campus and in the community.

The art in question is a sheet of mock postage stamps by artist Al Brandtner showing President Bush with a gun pointed at his head, captioned “Patriot Act.”

Some say it advocates assassination. Others say it’s free expression.

I think that's pretty clever. I also think it's a far cry from telling millions of people that the democratically-elected president of a foreign country should be murdered. But then again, I just don't get right-wingers sometimes.