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Monday, August 29, 2005

Give to the David Beckham Fund

Here's something you rarely see on this site: sporting news! But this does involve David Beckham, the justly-revered sports... guy. And by extension, his lovely and uh, talented wife Victoria-- better known as "Posh Spice," who recently said she didn't think she'd read a book in her life. Bitter? Maybe just a little. From "This Is True."

To help raise money to pay the medical bills for Hungarian Olympic legend Ferenc Puskas, now 78 and suffering from an Alzheimer's- like disease, Real Madrid played the PuskasAll-Stars in a benefit soccer match in Budapest. The match grossed 421 million forints (US$2.21 million). But that was before Real Madrid collected their 320 million forint appearance fee, plus 25.5 million forints for hotels and other expenses. The expense of putting on the game pushed the total expenses to 424 million forints, leaving the fund-raiser with a 3 million forint (US $17,000) deficit. (Reuters)