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Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Cunninghams: Like father, like son?

Those Republicans sure like to give drug-addled hippies what for, don't they? Prisons are filled of first-time drug offenders serving maximum sentences for possession. An ounce here, and ounce there. 400 pounds there. WHA?!?!?

Randall Todd Cunningham: The son of Duke "Death Penalty for Drug Kingpins" Cunningham (R-Calif.) was convicted for possession of 400 pounds of marijuana. In court, the congressman cried and pleaded for mercy, explaining that his son "has a good heart. He works hard. He's expressed to me he wants to go back to school." While out on bail, the hardworking son tested positive for cocaine use three times; when an officer tried to apprehend him following the third positive test, Randy hurled himself out a window and broke his leg. Still, the congressman -- who has denounced Clinton's "soft-on-crime liberal judges" and railed against "reduced mandatory-minimum sentences for drug trafficking" -- won for his son the mercy denied so many others. Randy got 30 months -- half the federal "mandatory" minimum sentence.

Wow. Compassionate conservatism in action. As Stephanie Miller would say, "Donde los yikes!"