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Friday, August 26, 2005

Jets, caterers and other leftie sins

The right wing blogosphere is getting increasingly silly in their attacks on liberals. Drudge writes today that Cindy Sheehan is living the high life in Texas thanks to some implied high rollers catering her little sham. Except that she had a list of surprises that awaited her return to Crawford after visiting her sick mother. What exactly did she have to say?

When I arrived at Camp Casey II this afternoon I was amazed at what has changed since I was gone. Now, we have a huge tent to get out of the sun; caterers; an orientation tent; a medic tent (with medics); a chapel, etc.

Sounds like some liberal high rollers are bankrolling that swank affair! You just know the "etc." includes a sushi chef and a platoon of valets.

Another widespread attack is on Air America host Randi Rhodes, who wanted to visit Crawford to do a broadcast. That's bad enough, but get this-- she "demanded" a corporate jet! Jesus, Randi, you're a regular J-lo! I suppose you'll want five pounds of just the green M&M's, too! Of course, the "leaked memo" isn't quite the diva-ish rant you'd anticipate:

Also, transporation is an issue, because it will take me a whole day to travel. I don't want to miss a day on the air, and lose momentum. Flight to Dallas, on to Waco and then to Craford [sic] by car. So I was hoping that someone in the company would let me use their jet? I could take Steve with me and leave after Thursday's show.

So, she's concerned that she'll have to miss her broadcast if she goes coach from New York to Texas and back again. How long would that take? Fifteen, eighteen hours round trip? Not easy to do in one day and still put on two four-hour shows.

On the other hand, the reactionary "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" tour actually is being bankrolled by Republican operatives-- the people at Move America Forward. This is the group whose first attempts to alter the media was to threaten theaters that ran Fahrenheit 9/11.

The thing is, the above quotes don't actually appear on the conservative sites. My guess is that the authors are counting on their hate-filled readers to just read the implication-- and not follow the links to what was actually said-- and start spreading the misinformation.