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Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Reform," Big Brother Bolton Style

No one expected "Bolton at the U.N." to be a sunny bildungsroman. What I failed to anticipate was that W's insistence on the importance of "reform" actually meant that Bolton's role was to throw a giant goddamn wrench in the works to make reform impossible. There's nothing the GOP wants more than a toothless and wimpy United Nations.

Huffington Post even has the documents, complete with his edits.

Just weeks before heads of UN Member States gather in New York to discuss how to revitalize and modernize the United Nations, the U.S. delegation, led by John Bolton, has launched a last-minute effort to change a near finalized document for UN reform. Ambassador Bolton has recommended scrapping more than 400 passages from the 38-page draft prepared for the September summit, a copy of the document obtained by The Huffington Post shows.

The United States is strongly opposing already agreed upon provisions in the document to address global poverty, climate change and provisions that would urge nuclear powers to reduce their current weapons cache.

The current document was the product of nearly a year of intensive negotiations. Its formulation is now in danger of being derailed at a serious cost to the United States and its longstanding support for the United Nations.

I sure hope we hear from my fellow Missourian John Danforth on this issue. I don't doubt that he'd like rip that dipshit's moustache right off his face.