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Friday, August 26, 2005

Evangelical wants to personally apologize to Chavez

We should be seeing a lot more of a response from Christian groups on this issue. Robertson's followers are kooks, seeing as how they look for religious guidance from the likes of Robertson and Falwell, who have repeatedly called for violence in the name of God. And in face of the war they're seeking in the name of turning the US into a theocracy, These high-profile "Christians" are the face of American religion that the rest of the world sees, and one of the reasons we've become so hated and feared around the world.

That has to stop, and it will only stop when courageous, non-crazy people of faith take a stand against this madness.

The Rev Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, wants to distance American Christians from the remarks of a tele-evangelist. . . .

Mr Haggard says he wants to meet Mr Chavez face to face and apologise for Mr Robertson's remarks.

He also wants to secure assurances about the safety of American evangelical missionaries working in Venezuela.

A big round of applause for Ted Haggard, please.