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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

GOP set to discredit Plame investigator?

Although the GOP, Fox, and all the usual hacks have been in overdrive trying to distract attention from the misdeeds of Rove (and Libby, Gonzales, Card, probably Bush and Cheney, etc.), first by attacking Joe Wilson. When that didn't work, they did a rush job with their Supreme Court nominee. No dice. Next up? Defame the man investigating the crime:

Meanwhile, Hoekstra's counterpart in the Senate, Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, intends to preside over hearings on the intelligence community's use of covert protections for CIA agents and others involved in secret activities.

The chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence could hold hearings on the use of espionage cover soon after the U.S. Congress returns from its August recess, said Roberts spokeswoman Sarah Little.

Little said the Senate committee would also review the probe of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who has been investigating the Plame case for nearly two years.

Did you catch that? It's the last sentence in the piece. What do you suppose a Republican-filled Senate Committee will find when it comes to the possible downfall of their administration?