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Monday, July 25, 2005

Will John McCain EVER learn?

The guy has gone from Mr. Integrity in 2000-- when he was ruthlessly and dishonestly forced out of the presidential race by Bush & Rove's dirty tricks-- to being a caricature of a politician. Now he's all about expediency, kissing the right asses, and carefully considering every word out of his mouth.

Republicans never liked the guy because he had a tendency to buck the party line and follow his conscience. Not only is he still viewed by them as a traitor, but any support he had among Dems and independents has probably evaporated thanks to his new role as Bush's best pal. I mean, who exactly is going to support the 'values' of a guy who's kowtowing to the people who stabbed him in the back? Anyway, here he is on This Week:

McCain comments about how Karl was trying to correct information, and something else innocuous, and then says "I really don't know much about it."

George: You say you don't know much, but wait, we learned this week from Time Magazine's Matt Cooper that he first learned about Mrs. Wilson's involvement from Karl Rove and it's been uncontradicted by Rove and his attorney; and 2nd, we learned that this information (pause) was (pause) classified.

Whether or not that's a crime, it's a violation of the non-disclosure agreement every employee who receives classified information has to sign.

McCain: Matt Cooper also said he had no knowledge whether Karl Rove knew...

George: Doesn't matter. This covers negligent disclosures as well.

McCain: I don't know what negligent...

(This is a rough transcript from Daily Kos-- Crooks and Liars has the actual footage.)