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Monday, July 25, 2005

Misunderestimating the White House.

It seems to be impossible to do, at least when it comes to their corruption. It turns out that the (sort-of) infamous 12-hour gap between Gonzales being told of the need to "preserve" all documents pertinent to the Plame investigation, and Gonzales actually sharing that information. With anyone but White House chief of staff Andy Card, that is. But according to the Carpetbagger, that might have been 12 business hours, but also included an entire weekend.

So, word gets out that a criminal investigation is underway. He calls the White House chief of staff, but otherwise takes no action for another 60 hours or so:

It's not as if the Gonzales notification — on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2003 — told Rove & Co. something new. MSNBC told the world about the investigation that Friday night. This means Rove & Co. learned on Friday night that they were being investigated, but weren't formally told to start securing relevant materials until Tuesday morning. In case the MSNBC report wasn't clear enough, a front-page article was published in the Washington Post about the Justice Department's criminal investigation a full 48 hours before WH staffers were told to preserve potentially incriminating evidence.

Quick question-- has anything come to light in the Plame affair that doesn't make the entire administratin look like crooks?