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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Take a few minutes to write Time

I couldn't resist chiding the editors of Time for going with Ann Coulter this week-- especially in light of the Ruzicka story (although part of me feels ashamed for posting this, and thus 'politicizing' the issue). Text follows, and I'd encourage you to send your own letters to

I suspect that running Ann Coulter on the cover of your magazine this week generated plenty of buzz, controversy, and the increased sales that result.

But considering that Ms. Coulter has been a prominent public figure for years now-- as a biased 'flame-thrower,' as you acknowledge on the cover-- was she really an appropriate choice for one of America's most prominent news weeklies?

The choice itself wouldn't have been enough to prompt a letter from me if it hadn't been for the appearance last week of a story that is genuinely newsworthy: the April 16th death of Marla Ruzicka at the hands of an Iraqi suicide bomber.

Ms. Ruzicka has spent the greater part of several years in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting for the dignity and well-being of ordinary citizens of those countries who have suffered from the ugly realities of war.

According to the New York Times today, she was active in raising tens of millions of dollars to aid citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq who have been the innocent victims of military action.

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter is making catty remarks about her cover photo on your magazine being a "liberal conspiracy." (

I, for one, would rather hear about a woman who lost her life fighting for the betterment of others-- conservative OR liberal. Instead, we were treated to photos of the right-wing group "Communists for Kerry," complete with false captions.

Time may have managed to spike sales for the week, but you've done so at the expense of your reputation.