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Monday, April 18, 2005

MoveOn airs Hoyer attack ad

This is odd and disappointing news. House Minority Whip Stenny Hoyer of Rhode Island voted for the bankruptcy bill, and the MoveOn PAC has mounted an attack on him and several Republicans who supported the bill. I think the ads are a bad idea for several reasons.

1. It gives the right ammo for the nest Hoyer election.

2. It allows the right to continue to portray MoveOn as a bunch of far-left radicals, and the Democratic party as divided and angry.

3. Considering that Hoyer's vote really didn't matter-- the bill was going to pass anyway-- they should use contributions to fight weak GOP candidates, and not attack Democrats.

This bothers me for the same reason that The New Republic's forays into 'New Democrat' mentality bother me. The problem the left faces is an increasingly authoritarian and corrupt GOP-- not 100% party unity. Rome is burning, and there isn't much point in singling out a fireman for not carrying a full bucket of water. We all need to be working to extinguish the flames.