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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Christians support right to life... errr, death.

If only these stories were more surprising. A 14-year old in Canada is being treated for cancer. But the family, Jehovah's Witnesses, insist that their right to deny treatment be respected.

More evidence that the religious right isn't about the right to live or the right to die. It's about institutionalizing their brand of religion. From Crooks and Liars (original story above):

"Only a society that had gone truly rights-mad would declare that a 14-year-old Jehovah's Witness being treated for cancer should be able to refuse a potentially life-saving blood transfusion as an act of conscience. No 14-year-old in Canada should be permitted to die for her religious beliefs -- or the beliefs of her parents, which may amount to the same thing."

In Canada, a judge of the B.C. Supreme Court ruled that doctors should be allowed to treat the girl according to medical necessity. Obviously, 14 year-olds lack the maturity to make the best decisions on how to protect themselves from serious harm or death. They can be easily pressured and manipulated by misinformed adults. One can only wonder how the Schiavo wingnut cavalry would respond to a similar case. Would the faithful members of the "culture of life" support this kind of judicial intervention? We doubt it. But we also doubt they would be foolish enough to mount the kind of insane demonstration we've recently witnessed to protest the judge's ruling. That would truly expose them as the fanatics they are.