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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hannity earns another spanking

Yesterday I wrote a post about Sean Hannity being caught on tape coaching guests on his show about how to get away without answering questions from the liberal co-host ("Faux News strikes again").

As it happens, the story is even worse than portrayed in the article. Last week, Hannity was taped berating Democratic Congressman Jim Moran, who had appeared on his show earlier that day. The self-appointed champion of moral values referred to the Congressman as an asshole, mentioned that he couldn't adequately express how much he "hated these guys," and made a snyde remark about asking how Mrs. Moran was, "like I give a shit."

The tape on Harry Shearer's show doesn't just feature Hannity coaching his guests, but joking about how he'd been caught ridiculing Congressman Moran. His reaction was "my fault for getting caught." The typical regret of the scoundrel-- no genuine remorse, just sorrow at being caught in the act. Oh, and says "welcome to the right-wing conspiracy," while having a chuckle. Eerie.

You can hear the tape for yourself at the link above. Just listen to the April 10th episode of Harry Shearer's "Le Show," about 32 minutes in. There's really no doubt that it is in fact Hannity. It's just sad that you aren't going to hear about it from a media outlet near you anytime soon.

As an added bonus, there's some pretty fine music on Shearer's show (this is the first time I've heard it)-- particularly the song leading into the Hannity piece, which the music snob in me was disappointed to unmask as Beck's song 'Earthquake Weather,' from the album Guero.

In short, crucify Rather and give Hannity a pass. Welcome to Bizarroworld.