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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Free Market WORKS for Afghanistan!

The BBC reported this tragic tale from Khabul, and it serves to remind us how valuable an ownership society can be. As in $120,000 a year, dude! That's like 12 bucks per dead child!

Afghanistan's internationally renowned charity for street children, Aschiana, survived the Afghan wars of the 1990s and the Taleban era.

However, the free market economics of Kabul's post-war boom now seem a more potent enemy than rockets and bombs.

Aschiana, which means "the nest" and provides support, food, education and a refuge to 10,000 street children, faces the closure of its main centre in Kabul.

It is the victim of rocketing rents and land prices rather than artillery.

The charity's compound on Char Rahi Malik Asghar, which it has occupied since 1997, has been sold by its owner to an international company.

A five-star hotel will be built on the site.

In other news from Afghanistan comes this story about how well we've managed to make the country safe and peaceful:

"A bomb planted by suspected insurgents has destroyed five oil tankers outside an American military base in Kandahar in southern Afghanistan."