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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Meet the new Pope

The verdict is in, and those who have been predicting a more conservative top dog had it right. Cardinal Ratzinger has chosen the name Benedict XVI, and here's what the BBC has to say about him:

"While many theologians strive for a Catholic Church that is more open and in touch with the world around it, Ratzinger's mission is to stamp out dissent, and curb the "wild excesses" of this more tolerant era.

He wields the tools of his office with steely efficiency. By influencing diocese budgets, bishops' transfers and even excommunications, what an opponent calls "symbolic violence", Ratzinger has clamped down on the more radical contingent of the Church.

He has even claimed the prime position of the Church of Rome over other Christian Churches. Although he has apologised for this, he has never been so contrite about excluding liberation theologians, more progressive priests or those in favour of the ordination of women."

I think it's safe to say that American fundamentalists will resume their Catholic-bashing very soon. And nothing personal, but this picture makes him look kinda like Gollum after Botox. Nice hairline, though.