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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

HOT Sinclair Action

Sometimes I get so wound up over the day's politics that I forget my primary goal of hosting this blog-- fighting for media accountability. If we don't start seeing objective news, there isn't much hope of winning no matter how good the candidates are, or how vile the GOP platform. So here's more on Sinclair. Hearing that their actions caused Staples to stop advertising, I decided to send my own letter to twelve different companies that advertise with Sinclair. Follow the link to get e-mail addresses of the appropriate people. I contacted Dunkin' Donuts, Domino's, Wal-Mart, Geico, Target, May Dept. Stores (they have about ten different names), Best Buy, Circuit City, General Mills, etc. Naturally, I picked companies that I might actually do some business with. That's the point, right? No sense in mailing someone who isn't in your neighborhood...

Here's the text of my letter (I used my work address and real name-- much better than an anonymous handle). Write your own, and suggest that friends do the same. Sinclair Action has already made a difference. Now let's make a bigger difference.

Having noticed that your corporation provides advertising revenue to Sinclair Broadcasting, I felt compelled to share my opinion with you. Sinclair received national attention during the 2004 election when they ordered all 62 of their member stations to air, uninterrupted, a politicial piece which accused presidential candidate John Kerry of being dishonest and unpatriotic. There would be no airing of opposing viewpoints. After much controversy, and the
threat of litigation by its own stockholders, Sinclair reversed its stance.

However, this is not the only example of Sinclair Broadcasting using its ownership of 62 television stations to further a biased political agenda under the pretense of presenting objective news. The features "The Point" (hosted by Sinclair vice president Mark Hyman) and "Get This" are part of Sinclair's news package. All 62 stations are required to air both segments. The bias of these features has been documented (here, for example:, and
your company's willingness to support the continued use of television airwaves to promote a partisan agenda show an utter lack of appreciation of the American values of an objective press and an informed electorate.

After sending this letter, I intend to forward a copy to over thirty friends and relatives, and to post the letter on my own Internet website. I will ask that anyone who reads the letter avoid doing any business with your company until such time as you demonstrate a willingness to expend your capital in a more ethical manner.

According to the WaPo, 36,200 letters have been sent through the site. I've added twelve to that. Can I hear 50?