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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Spinning Armor

Barbara Starr on CNN Saturday:

"What is very interesting is several days later now nobody is criticizing the soldier. He made a valid point but there's no real evidence yet that anyone has demonstrated soldiers are going through landfills finding scrap metal and bits of glass to bolt onto their vehicles. So, you know, truth always lies, as we know as reporters, always lies somewhere in between what everybody is out there saying."

The right is going nuts trying to spin Rumsfeld's cavalier response to Army Spc. Thomas Wilson of the 278th Regimental Combat Team last week. Starr has earned an honorable mention with this steaming sack of dog poopie. No videotapes of soldiers going dumpster diving, so no story. Stories of troops lacking adequate equipment have been out there since the war began, folks.

I'm going to restate my new focus after the election. MoveOn's incendiary e-mail was well-intended, but a misfire. We came oh-so-close to winning, but we've seen two presidential elections where the Democratic candidate is treated with contempt by the media. THAT'S the battle that has to be won. Fair representation by the media is crucial, and by writing letters to voice your opinions, it CAN be won.