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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Right Thing to Do

This is a great site. I just wish I'd heard about it a little earlier than now. By following the above link, you can get the addresses and stories of troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. And best of all, you can send them a care package. It's Christmas folks, and since liberals are the ones who actually care about our friends and neighbors, I think we should take the time to contribute. Help make life a little bit easier for those who are putting their lives on the line this holiday season. They've got the toughest jobs out there, and even if you're as broke as I am, it wouldn't be much of a sacrifice to send off some goodies for them during the season. I'm planning on sending something out before the end of the week.

I spent a fair amount of time on the site, and the most common requests seem to break down on the following lines:

Food: Not candy or gum, but sensible stuff like granola bars, jerky, and protein bars. Instant coffee/cocoa and tea. And some snack foods that travel well-- Cheez-Its, anyone? I saw a lot of requests for microwaveable goods, too, a la soups.

Clothes: Warm socks are a biggie, especially now that winter is here.

Hygiene: Apparently the army is doing all right in terms of feminine hygiene, but razors are welcome, as are girlie soaps/body washes, conditioners, and lotions. Also foot powder and lip balm.

Time-killers: Magazines, especially on news/current events. Books. Board games (I assume the lighter and smaller the better-- like Uno, maybe, or travel games). Fashion mags.

Finally, everyone seemed to be thrilled with cards and letters, so you should be sure to include whatever personal messages of support that you can. To my way of thinking, even though these citizens are there for what we consider to be the wrong reasons-- and maybe they do, too-- we should be sure to ease the time they have to spend there. And I certainly don't suggest sending them any overt political statements. Our negative energy should be directed against the administration-- not the soldiers in harm's way.