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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More on Moving Right

After the last post, I was thinking about the news media. They've been moving to the right following the (eventual) success of Fox News, which is demonstrably in favor of the GOP. And they aren't a political group, but a corporate interest concerned with profit. Just concerned with increasing viewership. Has it meant that the right stopped calling them the 'liberal media'? Nope. Instead, Fox is managing to have it's cake and eat it, too. They still call every other media outlet a tool of pinkos, even though those outlets are doing everything they can to play by the rules of the right. In the world of pre-1960's cartoons, the rest of the press wouldd be represented by people with big lollipop heads that read "sucker."

Now check out this post by Atrios, who runs the blog Eschaton:

Dear CBS & David Paul Kuhn

I'm writing to you regarding your recent story titled "Blogs: New Medium, Old Politics." Your article, which was concerned with, among other things, whether "bloggers are credible," contained some errors.

First, the title of this blog is "Eschaton" and not "Atrios." This is apparent from the big black letters at the top of the page.

Second, you state that I had been working with Media Matters for America "all along" while I was doing this weblog. I began writing this weblog in April, 2002. MMFA only came into existence in May, 2004. I began working with them in June, 2004.

Third, you suggest I had an "ethical" problem. Could you be more specific about what that was? Having one's character impugned by a major media outlet is a serious matter.

Finally, a quote is positioned in your article such that it suggests my assocation with Media Matters for America makes me somehow "partisan" and that beforehand I therefore was perceived as non-partisan. I have never worked for a candidate or campaign, though I have never made my political views secret, any more than has the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. This blog is produced entirely using my own time and resources, and Media Matters for America is a non-partisan "501(c)(3) not-for-profit progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media."



UPDATE: Here's the article that Atrios was talking about--

It's a real jaw-dropper. And just so you know, I've never received a cent from a Democratic candidate. Seriously, the story is Fox News-caliber propaganda.