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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Dean Speaks

As most of you probably know, Dean is making a play for head of the DNC. There's a split among the party, but I think I'm going to have to put my support behind him. The link above will take you to a speech that he gave today. And I like it.

Meanwhile, this week's New Republic editorial is down on Dean. When I started in, I was skeptical of their idea. Midway through, they almost had me convinced. By the end, I thought they had it all wrong. After all, they endorsed Lieberman in the primaries. He tanked, and now he's kissing Republican butt trying to get a new post from them. Hasn't Lieberman learned a thing from the last four years? This administration isn't going to play ball with anyone who's a Dem. Oops, sorry Zell, you freak. Personally, I think the lesson of the election is that 49% of the election has had it with Democrats who are right-of-center. If we're left with no choice but a reactionary right-winger or a moderate Republican, it's no choice at all. Terry McAuliffe had his chance, and although he turned out to be a skilled fundraiser, his tenure also featured a takeover by the extreme right. The strategy became masquerade as Republicans. And this election showed how misguided that was. We ran as Republicans and lost. Twice. We need to run as Democrats. Everyone loves to say that most people agree with our policies. But we lose elections anyway. Except at the state level, where the west is starting to turn. The Democrat moneymen are for the status quo, even though we're seeing a groundswell of movement toward Democrats who don't try to deny who they are. I love TNR, but I think they need to rethink their position on this front. We can't win by becoming the enemy. We can win by being reformists, and standing up for justice and truth. Like Superman. Playing possum isn't working, and I like what Dean has to say.