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Friday, January 04, 2008

Obligatory Iowa Post

Following up on yesterday's post theft, I'm going to, uhhhh..... steal another post. I wasn't surprised that Huckabee won, I'm glad that Giuliani did so poorly (and has managed to pretty much destroy GOP pimping of 9/11 single-handedly), and it was nice to see Edwards take second. The popular prediction seems to be that it was victory or the end for him in Iowa, but I'm inclined to think that a victory over either Obama or Clinton would mean more coverage for his campaign, and as I'm pretty sure I mentioned before, a lot of dyed-in-the-wool conservatives I know actually admitted to liking Edwards. And preferring him to most of the GOP contenders. Even though he's the most liberal of the top-tier candidates!

It's been interesting to observe the anti-Huckabee fury coming from corporatists, supply-siders, etc., and I welcome any divisiveness in that famed Republican party discipline. "He doesn't detest to detest non-millionaires" is about the best thing I can say about him, and wouldn't you know that's exactly what the WSJ crew hates about the guy.

Anyway, I liked what Kevin Drum had to say about the results:

I still think Obama had a helluva victory last night and is now the likely (though far from certain) Democratic nominee, while Huckabee also had a helluva victory but seems highly unlikely to be the eventual Republican nominee.

So who will be? I don't know, but after watching this I sure hope it isn't John McCain. What an imperialist! Then again, I also hope it won't be Rudy Giuliani. What a lunatic! And not Huckabee of course. What an empty Bible-thumping suit! But not Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson either. What a couple of image mongers! Can I root for them all to lose?

And congratulations to Obama. I prefer Edwards as more genuinely progressive, and in no small part because of his efforts to get corporate cash out of politics (it's already screwed uped broadcasting, credit card and mortgage debt, student loans, CAFE standards, and presents huge obstacles for action on global warming, health care reform, etc.), but I certainly don't have any axe to grind with Obama. I'm just generally uncomfortable with 'unknown quantity' candidates.