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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Overdue, postponed, and out of sight.

Yes, I should've gotten to this yesterday, but the week got away from me in preparation for the coming holidays. Sadly, there was no shortage of stories to scare the pants right offa ya. But I thought I'd at least get in a couple of stories before heading for the airport to start my desperately needed vacation.

ITEM! GOP presidential hopefuls evasive, despotic in response to questions on presidential power!

Republican John McCain says that if he is elected president, he would consider himself bound to obey treaties because they are "the law of the land." But Mitt Romney says he would consider himself free to bypass treaties if they "impinge" on his powers as commander in chief.

It gets scarier from there, but at least McCain acquits himself well for a Bush-era Republican. Glenn Greenwald has a worthwhile follow-up in Salon today. It's guaranteed to give you that democracy-at-a-fateful-crossroads feeling.

ITEM! Matt Sandwich: "Caring means sharing!"

If you're like me-- and I know I am-- you were a big fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000. A while back, some of the cast started producing audio accompaniments to current movies called Rifftrax. That was nice and all, but it didn't involve my favorite cast members. I was always a big fan of TV's Frank, though, and recently learned that he's written some comedy sketches named Cartoon Dump! that are available online here and on YouTube.

Just days after discovering Frank Conniff's new gig (which is also a bit hit-or-miss*), I came across the Cinematic Titanic. Joel is back at it, and managed to get several other favorites of mine to help out. They just released their first project, and the trailer is downloadable/viewable here. Hopefully they'll do great things. But it's made my Christmas brighter already.

I'll probably manage to sneak in some posts during the week, but here's wishing everyone a lovely week.

*It suffers from Silverman-Cook Syndrome, which I named after comedians whose fame far, far outstrips their talent-- almost certainly because of their looks. But the culprit on Cartoon Dump is only on two episodes. Still, she's pretty bad. But pretty.