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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The People's Choice

I almost feel guilty posting this, since Edwards is my candidate of choice among the current field. And because I'm not fond of citing poll results-- especially with so much time remaining before the actual primary voting starts happening. But it's nice to see not only as an Edwards booster, but as someone thoroughly tired of the press drooling over the Clinton/Obama thing (and how easy it is to dash off a story about her shoes or his racial identity).

Anyway, CNN released a poll yesterday that has Edwards doing well in hypothetical matchups with the Republican front-runners. Really well. In fact, he beats pretty much every GOP hopeful by a wider margin than Clinton or Obama. And is the only one who bests McCain.

Interesting stuff, although not too much can be read into it at this point. Also worth noting? Edwards is the most progressive candidate in the poll.