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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sermon on the Mic, Part II

Romney's speech was actually dumber than I realized when writing the previous post, and who better to remind me of that than the MSM?

As Media Matters observes:

A December 6 Associated Press article by reporter Glen Johnson uncritically reported Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's complaint that a "religious test" to become president was "prohibited in the Constitution," without noting that Romney himself has repeatedly stated that Americans want a person of faith to lead them.

The AP report -- which previewed Romney's then-upcoming December 6 "Faith in America" speech, in which Romney discussed how, in his words, his "own faith would inform his Presidency if he were elected" -- stated that "Romney, confronting voters' skepticism about his Mormon faith, declared Thursday that as president he would 'serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause,' and said calls for him to explain and justify his religious beliefs go against the profound wishes of the nation's founders."

Not only is this contrary to Romney's entire "zealous like you" campaign, but it reminded me that it was just ten days ago(!) that Romney was reported as saying a Muslim wouldn't merit a cabinet post. In short, his speech contradicts not only the meaning of democracy, but his own statements. But we wouldn't want the press to point out that an individual seeking the highest office in the nation is a habitual liar.