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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lessons unlearned

"DLC" isn't something you hear much these days. That could be because its most high-profile banner carrier, Joe Lieberman, has hopped a train to Cuckooville. And that efforts to adopt their "we must move to the right" mantra has contributed to years of Democratic capitulation in the face of the most extremist and incompetent administration in pretty much forever.

But it's looking like the inertia of those delightful days still has the Dems wrapped in its coils. They've taken issues with tremendous public support-- like reining in the disastrous Iraq war, or protecting the FISA laws-- and managed to do nothing, and sometimes even give the admin everything they want.

It's this simple: when the GOP attacks you unjustly, you can either sit there and take it or stand up for yourselves. But no matter which one you choose, the result will be another unjust attack.

Exhibit 27,243: The recent MoveOn/Limbaugh nonsense. How many Democratic senators voted to wag their fingers at MoveOn? 22. How many Republicans went along with Harry Reid's proposal to wag a finger at Rush Limbaugh for slandering decorated vets? Zero.

Here's my assessment: The Republican party will continue to portray every last Democrat as a left-wing crackpot anyway. But on top of that, they'll point out that chickenshit Democrats can't even hang on to their milkmoney. So Democrats? Stop it.

But I'm just an angry, irrational, leftist blogger. It's not like I have Beltway insight, years of experience, or a prominent position at an eminent think tank. Let's see what a highly-paid professional who does this sort of thing for a living has to say:

Explains NRCC spokesman Ken Spain: "Not only has the MoveOn debacle confirmed the American public's suspicion that Democrats ... remain beholden to the far-left fringe of their party's base, but it also speaks to the more current problem that Democrats face, which is their inability to act decisively on any measure."

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