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Friday, September 21, 2007

Not really a ranch. More of a "ranch."

Years ago, Adam Ant asked the question "Why do girls love horses?" And it's a really good question. Why do girls love horses? And speaking of awkward segues, here's a story about Fearless Leader and horses.

When this story popped up a couple of days ago, I figured I'd pass. But it's Friday, I'm feeling a little frisky, and it seems like a good time for it-- especially with the horse angle that didn't figure into the first stories I saw. Enjoy.

President Bush may like to be seen as a swaggering tough guy with a penchant for manly outdoor pursuits, but in a new book one of his closest allies has said he is afraid of horses.

Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, derided his political friend as a "windshield cowboy" – a cowboy who prefers to drive – and "the cockiest guy I have ever met in my life".

He recalled a meeting in Mexico shortly after both men had been elected when Mr Fox offered Mr Bush a ride on a "big palomino" horse.

Mr Fox, who left office in December, recalled Mr Bush "backing away" from the animal. (. . .)

Mr Bush has spoken of his fondness for shooting doves and cutting brush on his Crawford ranch in Texas, which he bought in 1999.*

The property reportedly has no horses and only five cattle.

*Just try and tell me that the reporter wasn't intentionally infusing every word of this sentence. "While spending time at the pretend ranch he bought just as he started his presidential campaign, Bush enjoys killing small animals and doing yard work." The only thing missing is angling for fish in painstakingly stocked ponds.

Oh, and I need to credit my source on this one-- "One Word: Plastics."